Yahoo!Mail Date Column Missing

About a week ago, the Date Column disappeared from all of my Yahoo Mail folders (inbox, sent, spam, etc).  Am I the only one this happened to?  Anybody know how to add back the date column to the email display?? I searched Help and Options but found no information on adding or removing column headings in email list displays.  Very annoying not seeing the date that emails were received or sent!  Thanks for any help. 

Re: Yahoo!Mail Date Column Missing
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Sorry to hear about the issue! Is this happening inall browsers, all computers ? ^MMP

Re: Yahoo!Mail Date Column Missing
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I had the same problem and found a solution on another forum.  Above the column heading line is a line with icons starting with the "Compose Message".  The second icon from the right should be the one to "Switch View".  Hover over it to verify.  From the dropdown menu select "Page by Page (Classic)" option.  Click "Ok" to confirm.  Using the same dropdown , switch back to your original view option.  The date column should have been restored,  I tried doing this through the Options>Mail Options dropdown a the top of the page without success; so, don' t bother trying it that way.

Good Luck!