Yahoo support
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So yesterday, my mom lost her Google Chrome favorites.  I was setting her back up with her Verizon Yahoo email and the password she had did not work.  So i tried to reset it on the Verizon Yahoo site.  The reset password had her old cell number there and guess what.  it wouldn't allow me to update it.  I called the yahoo number and they wanted money to reset it after i had to jump through lots of hoops proving emails sent from her. The first guy hung up on me and the second once was nicer, but i had to go through soooo many steps.  I told him that both my mom and myself have mobile phones with VERIZON!  But he would not let me just get that number changed saying that anyone could pick a phone number or something. Why not just check with Verizon????   I had to pay $9.99 to get that reset password cell phone # changed. Ridiculous.  I have Fios and mobile with Verizon and have had it for many years. I pay a lot.  This is not good treatment for a loyal customer asking to pay more for a simple fix!  Why cant Yahoo check with Verizon on our mobile numbers?!  Ridiculous and i will re-think staying with Verizon. The outsourcing of email is really bothersome , but shouldn't be this bad. If we are mobile customers with Verizon, and had some other number in there for the reset contact, let us change that number.  Awful experience. Ruined my day and cost me so much time and frustration. I will remember this.