Yet another Spamdetector complaint
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I agree with the notion that something has changed for the worse with Verizon's spamdetector process. It used to be that it seldom passed anything through. Now, it's not unusual to receive 30+ spam messages daily on my email account while during the same period receiving ZERO spam messages on my and my mail accounts. I also use to regularly receive a acknowledgement auto-reply when I forwarded spam to, now nothing.



On my laptop and desktop systems where I use MS/Outlook, it's no big deal as Outlook's spam-filter correctly detects spam emails and puts them in a spam folder. However, since I also have my email going to my Android Smartphone, it really hurts that Verizon's server doesn't filter spam out before sending email.


Soon, I'll be forced to drop email in favor of either or email accounts.

When I worked in IT we'd have started a Root cause analysis (RCA) investigation long ago... too bad really. Verizon really should be knocking off our socks with their execution.