aol migration revert

I tried to migrate to aol using my verizon email and somehow ended up creating a new aol email. is thre anyway to get back my original email address. I am still getting my email using the email address on my phone, but when I log into aol it will only take the aol address.

Re: aol migration revert
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Community Leader

A while back before the official migration notice to me I created an AOL email account .

When I received the migration notice I was able to migrate and created a different password at that time and all my folders and contacts were transferred..

I had created a few "test" folders in the AOL email I set up before the official migration.

After the migration I was able to log in to both AOL accounts .

Suggest you try the following:

Log in to your verizon email and see if you have a migration notice.

Follow the instructions .

Now when I go here:

I see this:

Good! You have already registered for AOL Mail.

For quicker access go to and sign in using your new AOL username/password.

Don't forget to bookmark the website for future one click access to your email

Need to login with a different account?

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