I have been having trouble signing in. It seems you have to go to a speicific site to pay bill online. I recently got a call from a rep and he went over my bill and found out i was not using internet service that I have been paying for the last year at least. He took that charge off and now I pay $90 less a month!! How right is that. Also I usually go to the branch store in Lockport and found out it is not an AUTHORIZED store??? I would really likke to change my service but unfortunately VERIZON does have to best connection. I live in a rural area where any good internet connection is by dish and was offered a free tablet at Lockport i took advantage of deal but came home and found it useless then had to pay restocking fee. I was at the store to return and an irate elderly gentleman was mad as I am sure he didn;t realize so much about how Corporate American works (Vierizon) and I fellt sorry for the man. I now know that Batavia site, closest to me) is an authorized dealer and will go there in future. As far as customer service is concerned for me big fat 0 but the company has the rule.