cannot compose or reply to email using verizon web mail with Safari and iPad
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Using an iPad I am no longer able to reply or compose mail. I can bring up the iPad keyboard in the to section but in the body of the message I get a  Javascript error that states:
Javascript Warning on Line 14
RichText should not be used with the TEXTAREA TAG.  See dijit._editor.RichText docs.
This is a recent problem .  Before I had no problem using my iPad and Safari web browser.  I have done everthing I can on the Apple side using their tech support. The problem is in the formatting for your web email site.  I am a Verizon retiree and would very much appreciate this being forwarded to the web designer for the email app. If anyone else has a solution I would be forever grateful.

I have tried to use other browsers with my ipad but still no luck.  

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Hello Buffy,

 We are sorry to hear that the new email is  not working for you.  We have sent you a PM.  Thanks  Tonya  C. 

I am also having the above problem, and I can no longer scroll or page through the email inbox. It is extremely frustrating!

Please send a fix or some direction
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I have been having this problem too, for a while. It is driving me crazy, such that i cannot access (respond) to email when travelling with the ipad. Please fix this!
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I don't know for sure, but try using the old UI.

Quote from

Verizon seems to have removed the "Go To Classic View" tab if you have been using the new format for any length of time. However, you CAN simulate the function of that missing button and revert to the Classic View (despite what Verizon Customer Support reps might tell you) simply by following these very simple instructions:

Login to your account and go to your inbox view. In the address bar at the top of your screen, type the following EXACTLY as I have typed it here:

Click ENTER to the right of the address bar (or press the ENTER key on your keyboard).

(this command basically tells the system that you are Opting Out of the new view)

That's it!  Your account should now be reverted back to the Classic View.


Does that help you?

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Thanks Allstar! I have been trying for days to figure this out
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Great call by dsl595148 on how to get back to NetMail Classic View!   

The new NetMail interface did not work well with my Ipad and it was confirmed by Veizon Tech Support.

You cannot browse you inbox messages, so you only see the first 10 or so messages. I cannot believe Verizon would release a product that did not work with an IPAD!  

Once back to classic view everything work fine with my Ipad.