cant open email from a different computer?

My grandsonson got me a new computer. I sign on to my mail account at Account opens just fine but all my email is gone as well as my address book. Have not been able to access my email since july.

Re: cant open email from a different computer?
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Community Leader

Your talking to peers here.

Since its just your computer that changed we can probably offer suggestions if you identify what you are using.   The change should not have effected your email on Verizon .   What Operating system.  If using a Web browser Identify which one.  If using an email client such as Thunderbird, Windows Live mail or windows 10 mail, identify that.

Internet Explorer?  you may have to turn on compatibility mode.

Windows 10 EDGE,  Choose another browser, it currently doesn't work well with Verizon Email

Firefox, CHrome, opera, etc?

A lot of the email clients such as Windows 10 mail, still set up for the old email clients ( and and have to be changed manually.