change primary account ID

I want to delete my primary account and change it to a new account that I have created.  Our old account gets too much spam daily that is getting through the filters and I am deleting up to 30 plus emails daily.  How can I do this?

Re: change primary account ID
Master - Level 2

Nothing simple.  Essentially have to beg and get the right tech.  They are not setup to change ids, but essentially can do it for those with serious problems like identity theft. 

Re: change primary account ID

Anytime I have heard anyone want this, they are forced to disconnect their account, and then install it again.   It's seemless, no tech needed. but seems like a PITA to do.  

If I remember correctly, it's an all or nothing, and it kills your sub accounts too, because if you bring your sub's back it brings back the primary, and then what is the point?