changed account password & all hell broke loose
Enthusiast - Level 2

Since the change, I can no longer POP my email and Verizon will not stop calling my landline asking for verification that I authorized the password change!  It doesn't matter that I keep pressing the  #1 button every time they call -- their system doesn't believe me I guess.

Yes, my Thunderbird POP server settings are correct -- they're the same settings as immediately prior to the password change when they were working fine with Verizon/Yahoo mail.  Yes, I'm aware the Yahoo account isn't the same as the Verizon, but, as I said, POP was working fine and the only password I changed was the Verizon account; I didn't touch Yahoo.

I did find a page that said, "could take up to 10 days for changes to go into effect", but why was I immediately allowed to login to my account on the site (i.e., not via Thunderbird) using the new password if changes had not gone into effect yet?

Also, I didn't find any "no notification" or "do not call" option on my account page(s) to get their system to quit calling me.  Am I gonna have to plead with them via voice call now just to get my own telephone service provider to stop harassing me?