constantly being logged out

For 6 months now I have had trouble with verizon email. I open the email, might click to read one, then get logged out. Or I open emails, try to open sent email and get logged out. Or I've read 1 or 2 emails and then the next one I try to open, I get logged out. My most recent conversation with Verizon this week, it did not happen. The conversation with them before, it did happen. This last time the gal said it should be working fine now, because she told me to log in as Well I have to tell you this has NOT solved the problem. Why is this happening? Makes the entire email a waste of time!

Re: constantly being logged out
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     I'm sorry you've had trouble being logged out of your email. For your security, when there is no activity for some time the system will time out. One way to work around this is to setup a 3rd party email client, like Outlook or Windows Mail. This way you can still use your Verizon mail and it won't time out on you. If you need help with this check out this site: Sorry for the inconvenience.