deleting emails

When I use my Verixon email, I cannot delete the messages on all devices at once.  I am sure it is my settings, because I was able to do that on my old Comcast account.

Right now, I have to delete each message on every computer and my telephone.  This is quite a waste of time, so I really need help.

Where do I find the setting for "delete from server when deleted from trash file"?  Thanks!!!!

Re: deleting emails
Specialist - Level 3

If you are on the Verizon site, deleting all email at once is as simple as clicking the box directly below the delete button, then clicking delete. They are removed from the server when you empty trash.

But it sounds like you may be using a 3rd party email client to access your email.  Tell us how you are trying to delete your email and what program you are using and we will be able to give better help.