disconnected my email 2 and then screwded by Verizon 2 more times
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I knew I wasn't (and will not be) the only customer wrongly treated by the giant Verizon corporate structure (the first thing that popped up on this forum was a nearly identical situation posted at 10:06 AM today). After Verizon conducted a totally unauthorized disconnection of my internet/email service in March 2103, I now find they unknowingly went on to bill me incorrectly, turned it over to collections and have it show up on my credit report over a year later. On top of that, they are unwilling to correct this despite the fact they did offer a nominal credit (thereby admitting wrongdoing). They did offer a whole lot of appologies, but no real customer service or statisfaction. 

After being a Verizon customer for 17 years, Verizon prematurely disconnected my service despite the fact I was the sole authorized user on the account and the property that was disconnected was still owned by me. After spending one and a half hours talking to 7 different people in 5 different departments yesterday, I finally asked for a supervisor. Since I was told none was available, I asked to have one contact me today after 9:30 AM. By 4:00 PM and no supervisor contacting me as promised, I called back in (and repeatedly re-telling the situation way too many times), by the time I reached the 4th person, I finally found a supervisor who not only understood what I said, but also had used common sense and realized a solution (what I had been asking for all along). I was thilled! However that was short lived because a new problem arose; his department could not accomplish this and I would have to deal with a different department. I asked him to stay on the line since he seemed to be the only person I found in the company that had common sense and could realize that Verizon had created a problem it should be capable of solving. After 2 more people we reached a supervisor in the supposed correct department. However, that person was unwilling to do much of anything other than essentially repeat that Verizon has done no wrong and told me that my internal records (what is left of them) that prove Verizon's misdoings would only be made available to me if I were to have an attorney file a subpeona. Really? Yet another corporate stonewall tactic. I'm supposed to do this for an $85 dispute that Verizon escalated into even more damaging results. This last supervisor went so far as to throw out all kinds of corporate obstacles. As quickly as they were presented they were dismissed by the facts, but that Verizon representative would then try throwing one road block after another. Bottom line is after 2 hours of worthless conversation today, I was given no solution other than being offered a $9 credit. 

To summarize, after being a loyal paying Verizon customer for 17 years (and actually having only been paying for many months just to have the email stay in place - a fact I had forgotten until those notes were re-read to me today), Verizon screwed up my email account (which is damaging in so many ways), then has the gall to bill me incorrectly, send things to collection and then not be willing to fix it (and not contact me by phone to inform me of any of this, despite having my phone number). Which part of any of this is right? I even brought up the "Good Will" option of a way to allow Verizon to correct the situation, to which I was thrown the excuse that they are goverened by the FCC and have to explain all credits. Again, Really? I guess the FCC is one I need to go to next if Verizon can't fix a problem they created. The only good part about all of this was finding the one supervisor that had a brain and common sense. The only problem there is he had no control over the department that stonewalled and denied.

The final suggestion was to come here and seek solution. Ball is in your court. Will Verizon ultimately fix their wrong? Time will tell. Prove my doubts wrong. I await a true Customer Satisfaction solution from Verizon, if such a thing still exists in this day and time.

Re: disconnected my email 2 and then screwded by Verizon 2 more times
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