dissatisfied with AOL mail move
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I need to vent, and I haven't seen a convenient way to email corporate. I'm keeping this civil.

I understand the business move, acquire an email specialist, consolidte your servcies, migrate your customers, and remove the redundant business unit/hardware/people.  I do not understand the levell of srevice. I'm paying monthly for a service, which has been reduced, yet I have been dumped to a free email service provider without a corisponding reduction in my bill, or a corisponding increase in the levell of service on the AOL website. I use the werbmail portal, and i get addattack/spam all over the place. The icing on the cake is the addactack from aol at logout-"tired of the adds, for $5.95 a month, skip the adds!" Why, we who were migrated from verizon no-addspace, who pay for service, why are we not getting this levell of service automatically? if not, why am I not getting a $5.95 or better reduction in my monthly bill?  Why corporate? yoy are making enough off us to buy AOL, ow bout treating the customer base right?