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The font size on my email suddenly became so small I can't read it.  I tried changing the display font size within verizon, but that didn't work.  It happened without me having done anything to cause it.  I went out of verizon and came back in but that didn't help either

Re: email font
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If you are using Webmail, change your Browser's "view" (Zoom In +) or change the Text Size (Smallest, Smaller, Medium, Larger and Largest).

If you are using an email client, you can easily choose whatever default font you want from Arial through Verdana at any point size you want.

If you use Webmail your choices are greatly limited.

If you use an email client you greatly expand your capabilities.

My guess is you only use Webmail.  Thus you are limiting yourself because you don't know how to use an email client, don't know that you can even use an email client (or know what an "email client" means) or that email client's bring a wealth of capabilities to the table.

I have to guess because you do not express exactly HOW you get your email.  When you say "...changing the display font size within verizon..." and "I went out of verizon..." they actually do not mean anything.  "Verizon" is a company.  "Verizon" is not a software application and one uses a software application to view/send email.  There are two categories of applications that can view and/or send email...

  1. Using a "Web Browser" (Examples:  Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari [1]) and going to 
  2. Using an "Email Client" (Examples:  Outlook Express, MS Office Outlook, Pegasus Mail, Winmail and live Winmail). 

How EXACTLY you will modify the "font view" to answer your query will be dependent upon HOW you access your email.

1.  Verizon has a limited required Browser list and for the bestr Browser experience, one has to use a comforming Browser and associted version.