email settings notification to change

I keep getting this email and don't know if it is ligitimate, do I need to do anything if I use outlook for email?:

Dear Verizon Internet Customer,

At Verizon, we continue our efforts to enhance your online experience as well as ensure ongoing security for our Internet customers.  As a result, Verizon Online has modified the way email is handled when sent or received through an email application other than MyVerizon. 

If you only use MyVerizon to access your email account, no action is required and you may disregard this email.  If you do, however, use other applications to access your Verizon email, such as Outlook Express®, you will need to modify your email settings to take advantage of enhanced security we now offer. 

In order to make these modifications, please visit for information about the  email settings you need to update.  Additional information may also be available by going to our online forum at

Thanks for being a valued Verizon Online customer and we encourage you to act now to ensure your email account has the proper settings on a going-forward basis.      


Verizon Online

Re: email settings notification to change
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Use the SEARCH feature in the upper right-hand corner. There are already MULTIPLE threads about this message.