email stinks

i am sick and tired of getting "sorry, error occurred" when I try to get my email. At least 80% of my attempts throughout the day get this result. it is totally unacceptable.

Re: email stinks
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with the email service. We would need a little more information to see what the problem is.

1) What browsers are you using to access your email?

2)What operating system is on the computer(s) you are trying to get your email on?

3) Is this only happening on one computer or multiple computers?

4)What is the exact error message you are getting?

5)Is your email partnered with Yahoo or is it regular Verizon Email?

Re: email stinks
Specialist - Level 2

If the excellent suggestions by Anthony do not resolve the issue, try using a client such as M$ Outlook (2010) or Zoho Mail which has a free version. Once setup you can leave a copy on the Verion Servers that can be access via the web interface. I have used Zoho for over 1 year and have had Zero issues.

NB - At one point I checked what showed up in the V Web interface and over 1 month on email was missing, Lucky zoho had everything. (And I did not change any settings in zoho since my initial configuration.