when i use my email account i keep getting this user account control that keep poppping up ask me DO YOU WANT TO ALLOW THE FOLLOWING PROGAM TO MAKE CHANGES TO THIS COMPUTER. I  WANT TO GET RID OF THIS.

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I do not use Vrizon's email but I am familiar with User Access Control.  The intent of UAC is to assure taht any potential changes  to your machine are intened and the result of an "accidental" click, or nefarious software acting without your consent.

User Account Control is a windows "feature" and not specific to your Verizon email or any other software.  Microsoft provides directions fo turn it on/off for the machne - it cannot be set to act selectively for any specific software - it's always on or it's always off.  The link to Microsoft's directions is  .  If the link doesn't post, Google for "Turn User Account Control on or off".  All that said, my recommendation is to live with the annoyance and leave it on - the alternative can have serious negative impacts.

again - think long & hard before turning it off.