Each day I delete into my spam folder at least 75 emails. I have put many of these into a block folder but they keep coming through. I have anti virus, blockers, firewalls, etc. but this garbage keeps coming. I also have a gmail account and I receive no unsolicited mail. I wanted to change my email address but was told I could not. Why can't Verizon block the trash emails?

Re: emails
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There are a few ways you can get spam. Any form you fill out with your email address and send in or submit online will get you into different mailng lists. These mailing lists are often shared with other companies as well. These distribution lists are not flagged with spam because customers consent to receiving emails from that company and their partners when they send the email on the form. You can unsubscribe from these lists by scrolling to the bottom of the un desired email and following the procedure for removing themselves from the mailing list. If a particular email does not have a unsubscribe option, please forward the entire message, with full headers displayed, to