iPad Forums messages are bouncing according to SysAdmin
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I am a member of iPad Forums and their SysAdmin indicated that all messages from the group to me is being bounced back as either undeliverable some other error by the Verizon servers. Can it be identified what is causing the bouncing? Maybe the messages are somehow being identified as spam by the servers and therefore rejected? I checked my e-mail settings and I don't have them blocked. I checked to see if there was an option to add their address to a preferred list but could not find one. Any info by a Verizon SysAdmin would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.
Re: iPad Forums messages are bouncing according to SysAdmin
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Look at the bounce message, it will tell you why the message was rejected.  If it's because the server IP address got on Verizon's blocklist, a request to remove it can be made.  Both you and and the owner of the domain in question should go here:


If that doesn't work, I've seen posts to these forums by sys admins get escalated. I've no idea if it solves the issue, but it might.

Good Luck.