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I've been hearing that Verizon will be discontinuing email service.  That is, email accounts will be cancelled.

Is this true?  If so what are the options?

Verizon Email
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I have had Verizon email for many years. I just got a notice that Verizon is stopping this service.  Even though they are allowing me to migrate my account to AOL I am not happy about this. I have Verizon cell phones, landlines, and DSL service. I also pay my Directv bill on my phone bill. Now that AT&T owns Directv I can see that going away as well. Verizon mobile service used to be the only game in town when it came to coverage and service. The other major services are gaining on that fast. I wasn't even looking to change but these changes have me rethinking that.

Re: There is No Longer Such a Thing as Verizon Support
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i tired of aol pasword last 20 times. it not work. i upset. i want to my verizon e-mail back now. i am sick of aol trick password. i dont like aol e-mail.

thank you for your time. if you make sure of  your decision. if wrong direction. then I wont become no long e-mail.

understand, glen

Verizon Email Discontinued!
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What the heck! I've been a customer well over ten years, I attmept to logonto my web mail and a message appears that Verizon will no longer offer email service!??!? You have a choice to reansfer to AOL (ewww) or svae your crap and use a differnt provider (, Gmail, etc.).

What the heack are we paying for? Will our bill go down since we no longer have email service? This is a royal pain in the you know what. Think I'll start looking for another ISP.

Re: Verizon Email Discontinued!
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Ahhh..I get it now, with Verizon buying Yahoo (yuck) they'll use that horrible and insecure service as their cash cow....

Great Timing
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Who is the genius that decided TAX SEASON would be a fantastic time to swap email to AOL. Comunication with accountants, attorneys, etc. is enough of a PIA without this. Now I can't even setup a sub account with a address, so I will have and AOL email addresses. Some big school MBA probably came up with this disaster and he/she will probably be promoted and get a bonus.

Verizon Email
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A friend of mine received an email message that Verizon email will no longer be accessible after April 5, 2017. Is this true?   See below:

Verizon will no longer be handling email.

Effective April 05, 2017, we'll no longer provide email service. Other than this change, your Verizon service(s) won't be affected.

We have two options for you to consider below. Please review both options and take action today to avoid losing access to your email.

Choosing an option is easy.

Click here to sign into your email account.
Simply select Keep email address or Try any other email provider to complete the setup.

Option 1. Keep your current email address with AOL Mail.

By choosing this option you will:

Keep your email address
Migrate to AOL Mail
Retain email, contacts and calendar(s) automatically

Option 2. Try any other email provider.

By choosing this option, you will:

No longer be able to use your current email address
Establish an account with a mail provider of your choosing like or Gmail
Manually move your email, contacts and calendar(s)

To confirm this message is valid, visit and select Announcements under the Tools section at the bottom of the page.

Have questions? More information can be found at

Take action by April 05, 2017 or you'll lose access to your
email account

© 2017 Verizon. All Rights Reserved.

Migration from to aol

I have not yet received an email from Verizon about the transition to AOL.  Is there a schedule, or final migration/shutdown date?  If I don't receive an email about AOL from Verizon, can I start the migration myself? 

Right now, I am using the Verizon Yahoo portal and use Yahoo/Verizon POP3 settings.

Thank you.

Re: Verizon email to AOL

My block hasn't come up yet but I have friends who are having similar problems with the similar run arounds.  all the experts that are trying to help take your level of expertise much higher than it is.  I know I'm going to have the same problemd especially when ive had to do operations like this about 3 times in the last twenty years.

Discontinuing email is it true

It is true. Verizon is canceling its email service in our area area by area.