intermittent problems since yesterday
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Hello all! Sunday night, and yesterday morning (3/31 and 4/1) I was having trouble reaching email and webmail. I posted about that yesterday. Others were too and it seemed to be a server problem and was affecting some east coast areas - I am in Maryland.

Late last night our internet went down - not our router, which also happens regularly, but this time all the lights remained green, and everything was fine at the main box, and no computers in the house could see anything outside our home network. Then, while I was on the interminable hold on the phone, it suddenly came back up.

Then this morning from work I was unable to access webmail and also the verizon central webpage - "cannot find page." I called, and the fellow I spoke to had me try IE instead of Firefox, and it worked - however, after I hung up with his final words being "it's your browser" Firefox was once again able to see the website.  Sorry, I'm not buying it - I think there are still intermittent problems, and NO ONE is willing to confirm that or listening for that matter. This fellow, who could have been in the Phillipines for all I know, could see the website, so concluded it was my browser. I think it is still a server issue, and it would be oh so nice if Verizon would just admit tht they are having problems - I can be patient for that.

Oh, and the phone message while I was waiting today said there was a channel outage in my area (TV, I assume).

For the record, I lost some email messages on Sunday night during the recent outage. I know because I have a some redundancy in some messages I receive with other email addresses.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else on the east coast is seeing this intermittent stuff going on! Thanks!