keep my email

In early November 2013, I moved from Virginia and had to terminate my FIOS service.  I paid to keep my email address for one year.  I want to keep my email address for another year but cannot get ANY valid information from Verizon about how to pay for this service for another year.  I've received nothing from Verizon; and despite many telephone calls and many transfers to "the right place" and many internet searches, nobody at Verizon can tell me if I will receive a bill or how to pay now.  (Many of the Verizon transfers and telephone numbers lead to black holes in that they simply refer me to the general Verizon numbers without specific information as to which of the many areas of Verizon is the appropriate one.  This is also true of the contact information in the Terms and Conditions associated with keepmyemail.)  If anyone knows how to pay for an additional year of keep my email service, please let me know.  I do not want this email address to be terminated, but I am soon going to have to assume that may happen.  Thank you.