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Well, I just confirmed any doubts I had with canceling my verizon services.  I just called the billing/customer service to obtain the answer of what my Early Termination Fee would be (I had a good idea based on reviewing my contract).  After hearing i wanted to cancel he put me on hold and tried to tell me my cancellation fee would be over $800. I laughed and read him the ETF policy on my bill. 

Now to my question.  I also asked him how i can keep my email address after I cancel. He told me that there is nothing i need to do and that I will continue to have my verizon email address after I cancel.  Is this true?  Based on what I am reading in this forum, it sounds like i need to register the email (and pay a fee?) with in order to keep it?  Can someone help with what i need to do in order to keep my email address?

thank you.

Re: keep my email
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You are correct. You need to go to Verizon Your Domain and pay the fee to keep your email account.