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I switched to Verizon email this week since MSN email that Verizon provided since '97 decided to charge me.

So, 3 days in to it - and having switched ID on many accounts to make it my Verizon info, and letting my contacts know, I am call UNCLE.  I'll go to gmail or something else.

I can't get Verizon email to work if I want to send an email on my iPad that has any letters in the body of the email.  Verizon didn't want to deal with that at all.  iPad issue I was told.

It didn't want to copy and paste into emails.  Had to call about that too.

And now, I cannot open a photo from an email, even though I could always do that on MSN and gmail.  It won't let me forward it either so I can open it elsewhere.  it is just jpg so it is not an exotic file.

Verizon email cannot possilbly be worth all this trouble. 

What a waste of time trying to use Verizon's email.  Don't bother switching if you're thinking about it.

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I am sorry to hear about the troubles with the Verizon email. We can help you with them. I have sent you a private message to get more information.