locked out of email accounts

I have a convoluted problem that I need assistance with.  I am locked out completely of my primary email account.  The Verizon system will not even send me a PIN to my home phone so I can get into it.  I called yesterday and tried a password reset a couple of times with a phone rep and it still won't work.  After that I have been locked out.  The phone rep yesterday put through a call ticket to get someone to look at the problem, but they told me it could be as long as 2 billing cycles yes you read that right 2 billing cycles before they would resolve the problem.  Who can go without access to their email for 2 billing cycles.  Unbelievable.

So far I have heard nothing from them and now I can't log in to any sub accounts either.  Can someone give me some idea what to do or where to go for assistance?