maximum emails that can be sent to at one time

I received an email from someone on AOL that was also sent to over 300 other people.  I cannot do a "reply to all" since I get an email from the system admin saying there are too many addresses to be sent to.

What is the maximum number, and can it be increased?  If I do a reply to all, it won't let me erase half the emails so I could do it in two sends.

Any suggestions?  If AOL allows it, why not Verizon?

Re: maximum emails that can be sent to at one time
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From Verizon email policy:

  • You may send a single e-mail message to a maximum of 100 recipients in one mailing, not to exceed 500 recipients within a one hour period. All single e-mails sent to over 100 addressees will not be delivered. No notice will be given to you in this case.
  • If you send e-mails to more than 500 recipients within a one hour period, your ability to send ANY e-mail messages is suspended for 24 hours. You will receive a Notice regarding this action.

Most ISPs have a limitation on email recipients as a spam prevention tool.  The number varies with ISPs.  Verizon's complete policy can be read at the following link.