member profile redirect to member center never loads.

Fom my verizon yahoo email I click on my username and click 'Account Info'.  This redirects me to 

which is a web page that never, ever, ever loads.   This means I cannot perform account maintenance, like changing my passwords.   In fact, no matter what Verizon Yahoo page I log into, trying to access my profile redirects me to the non-existent member center. 

How can I access and manage my account settings?

Re: member profile redirect to member center never loads.

I have the same issue trying to access the member center, but I want to access to add a sub-account. When I called Verizon, they told me that it was a Yahoo issue and they do not know anything about resoving the Yahoo portal. This was after spending about two hours on the phone and talking to two different tech service reps. They did not really provide any real help and wanted to take control of my computer which I will never allow. Since they couldn't take control, they said they couldn't help me.

Today I tried again to reach the member center and I got a screen that said I was not authorized to enter. There was no way to click around or access a help screen or contact numbers on that webscreen. I was logged in to my verizon account correctly, so I do not know why the unauthorized screen displayed.

Still looking for answers too.