migrating e-mail contacts and folders
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Verizon does not seem to allow the migration of your contact list.  Verizon also only allows the download of single files, one at a time. So, if you want to migrate all of your saved files and folders, you will spend hours doing so. Why doesn't Verizon have an export button for this problem? 

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If, instead of the web-interface, you use a mail-program capable of handling multiple accounts -- such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, KMail, etc. -- you can configure both your Verizon and your new account in it.

You should then be able to simply drag-and-drop messages and entire folders from one account into another. Verizon's insistence on POP3 (instead of IMAP4) may make this a little difficult, but you should still be able to migrate the INBOX, at least...

Not sure, what to do about contacts -- I always keep those locally myself...

If you are migrating to GMail, they may help you migrate too -- I think, you can configure GMail to automatically access your other e-mail accounts (such as via POP3) and Google may even have implemented some special handling for Verizon accounts already.