my dad needs a less complicated phone!!

My Verizon account has 2 smart phones and one basic cell phone on a 1300 minute plan with 4GB of data I think.

My dad was at Walmart last year and got a Samsung Galaxy Stellar smart phone replacing his basic A_R430 cell phone.  

My dad is really not good using a touch screen and is overall struggling to operate his phone.  In my view this is becoming a big safety issue and is bothering me allot.  If he ever had and emergency There is a big chance he would struggle making an important call somday and I need to switch him back to a more basic type phone so he can use it with ease.

What are my options?  I have a limited budget and am seeking the cheepest solution possible.  !!!!


                                                                                                 Chad Nelson 

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Re: my dad needs a less complicated phone!!
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Khoros Partner

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