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Need help making email setting changes as written in recent email from verizon

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download the newest "VZ In-Home Agent" and let the the In-Home agent "fix" your email settings


WARNING TO iMAC users doing new email settings

Warning to iMac users when attempting to change the POP settings as per Verizon's request:

My husband had difficulty setting up the new email settings today, as Verizon had asked us to do via email notice, so he contacted Verizon by phone.  Someone attempted to walk him through the process and took control of our computer.  In so doing, the Verizon representative inadvertently deleted every email we ever wrote.  All of our emails with work information, personal information, all of it -- gone.  

When my husband informed me of what happened, I contacted Verizon again and was told, "Oh yeah, that happens sometimes with Mac Mail."  I also contacted Apple, and there was nothing they could do.  There were a few emails from earlier today that were still available, but all of the other emails, thousands of them -- gone.  Unfortunately, while I had been keeping all of my emails on Mac Mail, on my hard drive, I regularly delete my emails from the website, so retrieving them from there was not an option.

It is mind-boggling to me that Verizon has no way to retrieve my emails -- that they deleted -- from their main server.  I find that very hard to believe.  I can understand how my hard drive may have eradicated them -- but I can't believe that they are truly gone.

Please be warned if you have an iMac or other Apple computer -- If you are dealing with the new changes verizon is asking customers to complete, you could lose all of your prior email.  Please back up your emails before attempting to complete their instructions.