new message center

just updated to new message center and find that I can not open any messages on my nook.  It tells me how many messages I have and how many new message there are but it does not allow me to access them.  I can on my home computer but this is no help to me when I am away.... Verizon seems to be no help, can anyone else help  me?

Re: new message center
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Lynn, Sorry I personally cannot help you and Verizon seems to the "Your suck with it now ...get use to it" attitude when it comes to this disaster they call a user interface. They've changed it regardless of countless protest to the same. We used to have choice and now we stuck with whatever they throw at us. FIOS TV is also a shell of what it once was, we've lost channels now of what we did actually watch for more channels of stuff that we'd never watch ...and we're stuck with it.

However if I run across a better solution than just subscribing to better e-mail 'host' provider, i.e.. Yahoo! or Google, etc., I'll get back to you.