new redesigned Verizon/Yahoo email

what kind of **bleep** designed new email for Verizon Yahoo?  it's terrible!  just a few months ago it was fine, OK. NO!  they were not happy, they had to make it 1,000 times worse. I want to send a reply and it is automatically sends a copy to myself??? WHY? TELL ME!  I can look into "SENT" bucket if I need to. It creates a lot of waste and clutter in my email. And often when it sends a copy to myself - it does not send it to the targeted recipient?!?!  Idiotic design and logic!

I don't want to see all the history of my conversations with others, and yet when I want to cut/copy/paste from the previously sent/received messages - I can't!  Will go to another email provider ... with brains and understanding of a customer.