outlook password not accepted
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I log on thru a VPN with no problem but outlook wont accept my password, the box just keeps reapearing. I dont have any problem logging on to outlook thru any other platform (comcast) or wireless network (panera) . My IT dept has been thru the laptop and found no problems, I even took it to a neighbors house that has fios and it wouldnt work there either. Any help would be greatly appreciated, dont wont to drop FIOS but have to have access Panera will make me to fat and hyper!


Re: outlook password not accepted
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I'm sorry, you'll have to be more specific...

"I log on thru a VPN with no problem but outlook wont accept my password"

What do you mean by "outlook"?

MS Office Outlook ?

Oulook Express ?

Outlook.Com ?

Whose VPN and for what purpose ?  [ No VPN is needed to access Verizon email. ]

What are your actual objectives that you are trying to accomplish and from what POV (home, office, library, etc)?

Re: outlook password not accepted
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Many companies block access to outside email when you are logged into their VPN.  THey have to for legal reasons that require them to track and keep all email  about their activities that may be subponed.

Re: outlook password not accepted


It might work elsewhere, because elsewhere may not have this important change.

So What kind of email are you using.  Is it one of verizon's xyz123@verizon.net?  or is it a company email?

 From the Advanced tab, review the area underneath Server Port Numbers. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field enter the number: 465.

Once you are finished, select OK.
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