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With the new Verizon email, plain text is no longer an option. Plain text is required to send messages to, therefore I can no longer send any messages to my church's yahoo group. Help!

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If plain text is no longer an option, then I would like for Verizon to STOP SENDING ME ANY EMAIL because it is never going to be read. I use a plain text email viewer to keep email born viri and re-directors out of my inbox. Nice going Verizon for making sure everyone can be a target for hackers and phreakers! Need to email me??? Plain text only or the trash can.

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Tinger, I thought it was just me... But lest not forget the more lucrative marketing culprits ($$$) invading our lives everyday including mailboxes via google services and the like. I haven't met a single soul in my 25 years online that which to have their lives exposed to unprincipled target marketing strategies geared specifically at their own personal preferences, Personally I like it when 'privacy" and 'private' meant just that... ! ! !
Meaning that if I wish to share any personal information with said marketing sector it should be up to me, my choice not my telecommunications provider. I used to count on such privacy in all communications not withstanding this one (or any one such as this) however "I've freely chosen to share this and make public".
I say bring back the old plain unscripted form we all knew and loved, free from unscrupulous, malicious and prying eyes invading our lives thorough this wonderful technology.
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Actually a well known problem with the new WEB email interface.  Personally I stuck with the old web interface for now, and mostly use my PC client anyway so that i can save organize etc all my email even if I were to leave Verizon.

Verizon has acknowledged the problem and is suppose to working to add back a text email option.

If you need to go back to the old interface, and can't seem to, see

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rlbridge and tns thanks so much! At least I know that I'm not crazy with this problem.

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Hello rlbridge,

Do you have the option to change views? I sent you a private message so I can assist you.

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