problem sending Word attachments

I was sending 2 Word Documents (stories, actually) to my editor. I could send the first, but not the second. I kept getting an error message that said Verizon had identified my e-mail as spam. The 2nd file was a revised version of the first (I went through and changed it from 3rd person to 2nd person). No matterwhat I tried, I could not send that file. I changed the title, changed the file title, copied & pasted it into a new file, removed two photos--nothing worked. I had no difficulty sending other files.

I sent the original e-mail to the spam detector as directed by the link the error message had provided, but I still can't send it even after several hours (directions said that if it were determined not to be spam I could send it after about an hour).

Any ideas what's going on? I send these kinds of files frequently. I can't convert them to PDF because my editor has to be able to write comments on them.

Any ideas as to what was going on? And how to prevent something like this in the future?

Re: problem sending Word attachments
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Sorry for the troubles. There can be a lot of things that can cause email accounts to be flagged as spam. Sending out too many emails in an hour, sending to too many recipients, sending subject line or attachments that have previously been labeled as spam. Sorry your account was flagged. Since 24 hours have passed, you should be able to send again. Please let us know if you still need help. 

Re: problem sending Word attachments
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Verizon uses a secret alogrithm to analyse outgoing email, and to be blunt, it sometimes gets it wrong, and perfectly legitimate email gets flagged as spam. From personal experience I know that the spam detector is content sensitve,

i.e. it actually anlyses the text in the email as well as web links, etc.

I have discovered that the parameters on the spam filter are different between email sent via SMTP, and  email sent via Verizon's web based email interface. It appears that the web based interface has a higher 'tolerance' than the SMTP interface, so if it won't let you send the email via SMTP, try using the web based interface to send the email. It will still allow you to attach  files.

Just copy the content of your email, logon on to, and click on check email, login in, click on compose, paste the message into the text box, and attach any required files, and then send it. You may want to copy yourself, because otherwise you won't have a record of the email in the sent folder of your email client.

Re: problem sending Word attachments
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Don't send DOC or DOCX.  They are sent as Clear Text and thus the spam and content filters can see the text and if a word or phrase is identified, the email will be blocked as spam.

Instead, convert the DOC or DOCX files to to PDF files.  They use compression on the files and thus the contents do not appear as Clear Text and will not be caught in spam and content filters.

In Office 2007 and above you can export the files directly to PDF format.  Additionally you can use a PDF Printer such as PDFCreator on SourceForge to create a PDF file form any content just by printing to the PDF Printer.  It won't print to a physical printer, it prints to a PDF file and can be done from any application.  Additionally, you CAN comment on data within a PDF.

If the files *MUST* be in DOC or DOCX format because the recipient is expected to edit the files (the PDF format is considered a "published" format and is NOT suitable for editing), put the DOC/DOCX files in a ZIP file, password protect the ZIP file and attach the ZIP file.  In the body of the email state the ZIP "password" used.

There are many ways to circumvent the spam and content filters to allow legitimate email to be sent.