"Cannot Send Message" from Verizon to Hotmail
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I see by reading this board that many others have problems with Verizon e-mail accounts. 

When I try to send e-mails from my Verizon account into my Hotmail mailbox using an iMac, I get this message every time: "Cannot send message using the server e-mail."  The only thing it is letting me do is send an e-mail from one Verizon folder into another. It won't let me go from Verizon into Hotmail.

I  checked with Apple tech support, and their claim is that Verizon is for some reason blocking the outgoing e-mail into MSN/Hotmail. 

I checked out the options under 'Advanced Account Info' but am not tech-savvy enough to understand what I am looking at, and the bottom section tells me to get advice from a systems administrator. Could anyone tell me the best way to go about getting this advice?


Re: "Cannot Send Message" from Verizon to Hotmail
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We would want to make sure the mail settings are correct. I have sent you a private message to get more information.