room in sub-account email

I can have only 3 or so e-mails in my in-box and will receive a notice from the post-master that my mail box is almost full.

How can the size be increased to hold more emails?  I can understand if there are e-mails with many pictures.  But that

is not the case.



Re: room in sub-account email
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Verizon sub accounts only get 250 MB of email storage. There is no way to change that limit.

If you need more space, you might consider downloading your mail to a client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) instead of keeping it on Verizon's servers. That way you are only limited by the amount of space on your pc. The downside of this is that your email is only stored on the one computer.

An alternate "solution" is to get a free address somewhere else. (Gmail, for example, offers over 7 gigs of space.) You can either use the free address as your email address, or simply forward all of your mail to it and set up your address as a reply address within that account. With some domains, you can even set up your account as a pop3 account, and use them in a fashion similar to OE, but have your content available on the web.

Hopefully this information is helpful to you.