sending -> "The message you atternpted to send was deterrnined to be sparn"


You can get this response even on a personal email with nothing spam-like. 


(User) - Verizon, 1 messages left lo send , [Time]  information
There has been an error transferring your rnail I said and then the SMTP Server (outgoing said      550 5 71 The message you atternpted lo send was deterrnined lo be sparn. Please visit http //www for rnore inforrnalion


The Verizon recommended email fix does nothing.

So I sent the email to another address of my own, to troubleshoot, and then started taking out sections, to see what was triggering the spam.

Turned out to be a link to an encyclopedia entry

In fact, it was a string in there, since it occurred even with a string like:


with no url hot link.  I did not check further to see if "tripod" was the actual "spam offense".  Once I took out the line, the email went fine. 

Since this has only happened about twice in hundreds of emails sent, the problem at this time is annoying but not disastrous, however it is a reflection on Verizon, showing a type of bureaucratic stagnation and incompetence. (Never had any such problem with TWC.)

Anyway,  I suggest my method for finding out the cause.  I use Eudora as my sender, and it makes it clear to me whether the mail was sucessfully sent.  This is probably true for all solid email sending programs.

Steven Spencer

Queens, NY


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Since Tripod is a free website provider, I would assume that many messages with links would be marked as spam. The Spam Filter is a dynamic system that changes depending on what users think is spam. If it sees urls including "" marked as spam enough times, it makes sense that it would eventually start blocking them.

Verizon can't just tell you how to get around their spam filter, because then it wouldn't stop any spammers.

Some people have suggested sending the message to for investigation. This may work for you as well.