sending large files as attachments

I'm having a problem sending  large attachments.  I have recieved attachments that are large but when I try to send them (large attachments) I get an error message.

Re: sending large files as attachments
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From what I read 8 MB is limit with web interface and 20 MB is the limit with 3rd party applications.

If your file(s) are too big can you try compressing them, or if there are multiple files try sending multiple emails within the limits.

If you are within the limits please post the error message

Re: sending large files as attachments
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If you are having a problem sending large email attachments and getting errors, it can often be hastle to fix it without chaning email provider. You can circumvent this problem by simple going to a website like: . There you can simply upload what you would like to send, in any size you would like. You then add a link to your email and your problem is solved. Hope this helps, Dereck.