session 'timed out"
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I cannot COUNT the number of times when I have been trying to respond to an email or a news post, and carefully choosing my words, so as not to offend folks and still make my point...I get "your session is timed out"....I spend 10-15 minutes if my LIFE on a serveice i spend 200$ a MONTH on to get "your session is timed out"...THIS has got to stop.

Re: session 'timed out"
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The time out is a security feature built into your webmail. This is to prevent people from composing an email, stepping away, someone else sitting at the computer. They would have full access to make changes to the account. If you need longer than the 10 minute timeout you have two options.

1) Write your email in notepad or Word first. When completed, copy and paste the finished work into the webmail.

2) Setup a mail client program on your computer such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, etc.


Re: session 'timed out"
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Anthony - If this is a so-called safety feature - Then why is there a "Keep Me Logged-In" option???  I usually don't have to re-enter my password just click a button to restore the session... With the loss of any work left uncompleted.

You mention that it is on a 10 minute cycle - I don't find that to be accurate. I frequently experience this problem in a very short time span. I'll log in, review a few e-mails - all the while clicking through messages. When I have completed this review I may select 10-20 messages to delete.... Then I click delete and I am given a "Session Time Out" message and all the messages I have selected to delete are still there and now unchecked now I have to click a .... Why would my session time out while I'm working and interacting with various items???

I could possibly understand that if there were no keystrokes in an e-mail being composed for a 10 minute period - that the e-mail program would go to a automatic "Draft Save" script.... But not to just delete work in progress.... 

You answer does not reasonably explain all these session time out irritations!!!