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What do I need to do to make Yahoo SpamGuard Plus work?

SpamGuard Plus is a feature that automatically filters suspected spam to your Spam folder. SpamGuard Plus also learns specifically what you consider spam and not spam, and filters those messages to the appropriate folder. The more you train the filters by marking messages as Spam orNot Spam, the better the filters will work for you.

You can view and manage SpamGuard settings in the Business Email Options:

    1. Sign in to your Yahoo Business Email account.
    1. From the main Yahoo Business Mail page, click the Tools (gear) icon link in the upper-right corner of the page. 
      Business Email Tools (Gear) Icon
    1. Select "Mail Options" from the pull-down menu.Business Email Tools Pull-Down: Mail Options 
      Business Email Tools Pull-Down: Mail Options
    1. The General mail settings should be displayed. If they are not, click the "General" link located in the left column.Mail Options Menu: General 
      Mail Options Menu: General
    1. In the Spam Protection section, use the "Empty Spam folder" pull-down menu to select how frequently messages are deleted from the Spam folder.

      General Mail Settings: Empty Spam Folder Pull-Down Menu 
      General Mail Settings: Empty Spam Folder Pull-Down Menu

    1. Then select your preferred option in the "Show images in emails" pull-down menu.

      Mail Options: Show Images Pull-Down Menu 
      Mail Options: Show Images Pull-Down Menu

  1. Click the Save button.

    General Mail Settings: Save Button 
    General Mail Settings: Save Button

Note: This feature is not available to users with POP-only email addresses.

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