stop timing out of myverizon while we are actively in email

it's a real pain in the butt to be timed out of myverizon while actively utlizing email - deleting messages, responding to messages, etc.  It is unbelievably inconvenient.  not to mention, the re-log on does not go back to myverizon but to yahoo.  i can understand timing out for inactivity, but if we are not in our account with sensitive information but just managing email, leave us signed in.

next, this is the first day we have had access to email since the week before Christmas - have not been able to log onto the internet with this supposedly "high speed" access, which is a lousy name for dial-up.  in addition, our phone service has been in and out significantly for the last couple of weeks.  If you can't hold up your end of the bargain that we are paying good hard-earned money for, then we will certianly be moving on to your competition.

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Re: stop timing out of myverizon while we are actively in email
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For the money Verizon charges, it has some very annoying attributes. I certainly agree with the complain made about timing out, althought it hasn't happened to me in a long time. However, my payment is due

on January 18, 2013 - but when I log on to read my e-mail, the first thing I started seen today  on the page is "Payment due and the amount". Today is only the 29th of December. When I try to click on " check my e-mail" a small window appears reminding me again about the upcoming payment. I have to close this window to be able to click on "check my e-mail" tab. I wonder if Verizon has outsourced their customer relations department to some other country where courtesey is not one of the top priorities.

What verizon needs is more competition.