strange message. Also e-mail problem
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A small windew has popped up twice saying to restart  in order for the changes to be made. It seems to be from Microsoft. I only say for it to restart later.

I do not know what changes they are talking about.

There is no way to spam or cancel.

What is it and what do I do with it?

ALSO, in the e-mail preview pane there is a notation that I have 102 new e-mails. When I go to e-mail there is only two new e-mails.

This number has been growing from the correct amount of new e-mails each time new mails come in up to the present incorrect number of new e-mails.

I have tried to send feedback to Yahoo where I receive my mail but they always say try again later. And do not want to be contacted.

Can you help with both of these problems?

Thank you,

Re: strange message. Also e-mail problem
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Remember your talking to peers here.

If its a Microsoft message, you system has probably just did an upgrade of some software. YOU MUST THEN LET THE SYSTEM RESTART as funny things can happen until you do.  I.e. a partial update has been done, files not used have been replaced, but others cannot be replaced until the system is restarted.  The problems is some of the updated files that are installed do not work until the other updated modules are also installed.

I don't use the yahoo inteface and can't comment about its report of the number of emails.