email not receiving emails from certain domains

I am having an issue with email customers as it is not receiving any emails from

there are no bouncebacks, rejections, etc. Mail logs show that the emails are being sent but customers are not getting the emails. there is also nothing in the spam folder.

I have called technical support but no one can help me or give me an answer as to why customers cannot receive anything from our domain.

We have had these issues with as well as Comcast reports there was alot of spam and has been corrected.

anyone having this similar problem?

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Re: email not receiving emails from certain domains
Customer Service Rep

Hi there,

My apologies for the trouble that you're having.  I'll be happy to help.  Have you already begun working with someone regarding this matter? 

If not, we'll need to gather some more information and ask that you please send us a private message to start. 

Thank you,