@whittier.edu domain is blocked to @verizon.net email addresses

I work at Whittier College in CA.  We cannot send email to people with verizon.net email addresses.  I have complaints from 5 different people.  They all get returned email like this.

 {edited for privacy}
#< #4.0.0 X-Spam-&-Virus-Firewall; connect to relay.verizon.net[]: server refused mail service> #SMTP#

X-Barracuda-Spam-Status: No, SCORE=0.00 using global scores of TAG_LEVEL=1000.0 QUARANTINE_LEVEL=1000.0 KILL_LEVEL=5.0 tests=HTML_MESSAGE, MAILTO_TO_SPAM_ADDR

X-Barracuda-Spam-Report: Code version 3.2, rules version

        Rule breakdown below

         pts rule name              description

        ---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------

        0.00 MAILTO_TO_SPAM_ADDR    URI: Includes a link to a likely spammer email

        0.00 HTML_MESSAGE           BODY: HTML included in message

This message appears to be from Verizon firewall.  Whittier College does not block any outgoing email.

Please help!

Re: @whittier.edu domain is blocked to @verizon.net email addresses

I also am getting the same issue - no one has been able to help me yet either.

Status: 4.0.0 Diagnostic-Code: X-Spam-Firewall;connect to relay.verizon.net[]:server refused mail service

Re: @whittier.edu domain is blocked to @verizon.net email addresses
Community Leader
Community Leader

You will need to contact Verizon.  This forum is mainly peer to peer, although an admin MAY step in with advice.

You may be able to handle this with the whitelist request form for ISP's


Or you may have to call them.  The general number is 1-800-Verizon

You may have someone abusing your domain by sending lots of spam.