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2019 "Unlimited" Plans misleading- not really "Unlimited"

Verizon has become very misleading in claims for their "Unlimited" plans. Having spent a few days in data deprioritization mode, I can tell you the reality of the disclaimer:

"Premium unlimited data provides superior service up to the allotted limit , at which point your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic in times of congestion."

In my area I found the deprioritized data rendered my cell data service so slow as to be UNUSABLE-- my phone was a data brick with download speeds as low as .15Mbps--so the opposite of "unlimited". The average person might believe that such deprioritization due to congestion might occur infrequently, but it was FREQUENT for me). "may be" softens the blow unrealisitically-- my expereince is more like your date "WILL BE" deprioritized). "temporarily slower" sounds not so bad, when in reality you will find your phone data UNUSABLE for just about anything (websites, music streaming, navigation programs, etc) for a completely unknown period of time. Do not believe your expereince will be anything like "Unlimited"- - instead, your data service after the "Premium Data" cap will be a roll of the dice depending on your location and amount fo other data traffic. You WILL be unhappy after that cap.

Re: 2019 "Unlimited" Plans misleading- not really "Unlimited"

The plan is for unlimited data not unlimited speed. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: 2019 "Unlimited" Plans misleading- not really "Unlimited"

They shouldn't throttle it down that slow. They could slow it to something like 3 megabit and not be wiseguy about it. We pay over $300 per month for service, they could throw us a bone.