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3G Service is getting worse...

I have had a 3G card from Verizon for over a year now. It has been fantastic, except for the last month. From 6PM-2AM my service is terrible. Sometimes, it will be really slow, other times it won't work at all. During the day however, it is great and I get at least 1Mps download. Is there something wrong with the tower I'm connecting to? I've tried using different cards and get the same result. Thanks for your help! 

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Re: 3G Service is getting worse...
Verizon Employee



6PM-2AM is a large window to have slow service.


What is the primary 3G card that you would use? When it doesn't work at all, do you receive an error messages?

Have you tried to power the 3G mobile broadband card off, remove it, and try again? Also, power the computer off/on.

What type of signal strength do you have when you are connected?



Utilize the following speed test sites to determine the current speed of the connection:

Re: 3G Service is getting worse...

My 3G card is the : UTSTARCOM 175.


No, when it quits working it acts as if it is still connected but there is no internet. I have to reset it (remove it and put it back in) before it will work again (this probably happen 5-10 a day now). I can see the tower that I connect to from my window and I get a 100% signal strength (-51dBm). This didn't use to happen and has just been happening the last three months or so. I've tried other devices and have had the same issue. 


And I'm not the only one that is having these issues. I've been reading here: 

and other users (specifically m12345s) are having the exact same issues that I have been having. 


As for my speeds: my ping is around 182. My download ranges from .3Mbps to 1.0Mbps, with the upload coming around the same. I'm less concerned about the speed (well, I am when it is .3, but when it gets around .6 I can deal with it) but what is really frustrating is when it just quits working.


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this issue!