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Add a phone to an individual plan?

I have a Verizon plan for my iPhone 4, and would like to add my 65+ father to my plan... We have my old Verizon-bought LG that he'd like to use for his phone. Is this possible, or would he have to get a new phone? And how much would it be to add him to my plan? Is it possible to just get a plan for him that only has 400 minutes - no data? Would it be reduced because he is 65+? I'm having a tough time navigating the VZW site to find out how I can go about this.

Re: Add a phone to an individual plan?

It's best to start a new thread rather than reply to one that's two years old; sometimes gets you better exposure and the info. in the previous thread may be dated. 

Depending on your plan, you may be able to add a line.  Depending on which LG phone you have, you may be able to activate it.  I'm not being cagey, it's just that some of the older plans can't be upgraded and some of the older phones don't work with the newer plans.  If you can add a line, the cost depends on which plan you are currently on.  There is a plan for seniors, but you can't get it on-line, you have to call Customer Service or go to a Corporate store; info. about it is here:

Another option is to switch to the Share Everything plan and add another line, but that may cost more than just adding a line to your current plan.

Yep, when the Share Everything plan was announced, it became the only plan available for new customers and all other plans were grandfathered, so you can't find info. about the other plans readily.

Re: Add a phone to an individual plan?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Like tikibar1 said, it all depends on what your current plan is and what phone you want to add.  If you are currently an individual line, then you may not be able to change to a share plan unless it is the Share Everything plan. 

You MAY be able to get the 65+plan for him (and leave your current plan alone) using the old LG - again it depends on how old and if it can still be activated on the current plans available.

Your best plan of action would be to call customer service and ask if the 65+ is available to him with the phone you want to activate.  Compare what his and yours together would cost, then see what a Share Everything would cost for your devices....

Re: Add a phone to an individual plan?
Customer Support

Hi flowerchick!

We can definitely get your father added to your account. There are a few different options as far as the calling plan goes. We do have a 65 plan for individual users, but you may benefit from a Family/Shared plan. I recommend reaching out to our Sales team at 800-256-4646 to better evaluate your current plan and the best options for you and your father. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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