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I am in the military and am PCS'ing to Alaska and there is no verizon coverage there outside of using a different companies towers. I know you can suspend your account for 3 years, but that is not going to do me any good because I will be stationed up there for 4 years. Is there another work around for me or can I cancel my service without paying an ETF?

Re: Alaska
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Read this.

Qualifying for Relief

Under SCRA Section 535a, servicemembers can suspend or cancel long-term wireless/mobile phone contracts without penalties or extra fees when deployed for 90 days or longer or when permanently transferred if change of duty results in:

  • An inability to use the service
  • An inability to satisfy the terms of the contract
Re: Alaska

Good Afternoon, 


Verizon Wireless is currently in the works in providing voice service for Alaska and are very close to being operational. Verizon Wireless does have their two main locations in Anchorage. They have their switchboard location across from the University Center and they also have their "Alaska HQ" location at C and Northern Lights. I contacted the local Verizon rep and was informed Voice service is scheduled to launch "summer" of this year. They did not provide an exact month but just the broad "summer" term.  As it stands now, all data is on the Verizon 4G network and all voice/text is done on the ACS 3G/1X network. Coverage here in Alaska is outstanding along all military installations (Ft. Wainwright, Ft. Greely, Clear AFS, Eielson AFB, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Kodiak CGAS, Sitka CGAS).

I have been doing everything I can to find out an exact date but I don't think they quote know. The original estimate time frame I was told last year in September was April of 2014 but I am assuming this was pushed back and that they must have run into some issues somewhere.


As I have stated before, you can currently obtain a 907 phone number but with a catch. You can call, text, surf the net, and activate any 4G phone here in Alaska. The catch though, is no one else can call you until the voice service gets activated, UNLESS, the individual calling you is a Verizon user. Then for whatever reason, the phone call will go through. So in theory, you can obtain a 907 number now to avoid that tax but you'd be losing out on the ability to receive calls from anyone outside the Verizon network, to include land lines. 


To activate a phone in Alaska, just remember to ensure you are on the 4G LTE Network. You may have to call Verizon Customer Service from a land line to push the activation through manually but myself nor my wife had to do so. If you go to their coverage map, you will notice they put the first store on the map which will be located in Tikahtnu Commons next to the FireTap. It will be in the same building as the BTY Dental and the SunSation Tanning.


Here is Verizon's contact information for Alaska:


E-Mail -


Phone - 907-777-9800

Re: Alaska

Verizon Wireless is partners with a company up here called ACS ( Alaska communication services) you will roam off their towers and we have free roaming. So your good.