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Best Buy scamed me out of my unlimited data and more money

   It's obvious Verizon wanted to switch everyone off of their unlimited data plans. It's taboo for customer service Reps to even speak the words. I can't say I blame Verizon for wanting to switch everyone with all the data hogs out there but I think the way the campaign has been rolled out is criminal.

  When I upgraded to my Samsung Galaxy III I wasn't under contract and could have gotten any phone I wanted and almost went with Apple but wanted to stay on an Android O/S. I went to Best Buy paid the $199 subvented price in exchange for a 2 more year contract. The sales Rep. at Best Buy pitched me a plan to where I could save $10 a month if I chose to share  8 GB with my hotspot instead of the plan I had which was unlimited on my phone and 5 GB on the hotspot. I chose to keep the unlimited data option on my phone, not because I really needed it but because I remembered how expensive it was to go over on my hotspot when I streamed movies once. Which is another story as to what it is good for. I can't remember the details but my monthly bill ended up being about $20 more a month but I got to keep my unlimited data on my phone, or I thought.  After paying the higher price I found out the guy at Best Buy switched me to the shared plan after all. I never went over on the data so my bill always stayed the same and had no reason to think otherwise. The only thing one has to go on when they sign the electronic pad is the sales Reps. word. There is no paper contract you can read over before you sign. Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? After reading other post it seems there is a lot of  confusion as to when and if you get to keep an unlimited plan. Has anyone been grandfathered in? It almost seems like Verizon is paying huge incentives to the sales people or giving out intentional false information with all the misinformation out there. I never needed the extra data but  ended up being charged more for a plan I clearly declined, In other post it seems people didn't even have the option. Just if you "upgrade" you get a new plan. Defiantly some contract knavery going on here.

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